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Become a Consultant

The activity as a designer jewellery consultant enables you a serious extra job in one of the most beautiful branches. You are working from home an at the home of your hostesses, you can plan your time freely and you can therefore harmonize the demands of job and family. The amount your benefit depends on the time invested. Whether a good auxiliary income or a top salary – you decide on the amount of your income. The more you sell, the more you earn. You also will be rewarded for your work and your turnover with a variety of gifts and journeys.
No matter what’s your age or your education; it is essential to be interested by beautiful designer jewellery and friendly in dealing with people.


Your benefits:

  • You meet friendly people
  • You make a serious extra job
  • The focus is on your personality
  • You have flexible working hours
  • You influence the amount of your income
  • You have real career opportunities
  • You are rewarded for your turnover – with gifts, benefits, journeys without charge
  • You have the opportunity to participate in meetings, seminars, trainings
  • You are supported by experienced consultants and executives
  • You don’t need any investment


No risk:

For the activity as a consultant, neither technical knowhow nor equity is required. All you invest is the time you want to give. We will prepare you with an intensive training, which is completely free of charge, as well as the equipment with your personal Jenny Lane designer collection. You will also be equipped with useful advertising material, so that you are perfectly prepared for selling our designer jewellery.


Your tasks:

  • You are be open-minded and rise to a challenge
  • You organize about 4 home parties a month
  • You identify with the Jenny Lane label


Your possibilities:

You have excellent career opportunities. If we – and first of all you – are satisfied with your work and your income, you shall have the possibility to get your own team as a team leader. Your motivation, your friendly appearance and your responsibly approach will be promoted and appropriately paid. As a team leader you will also get a special training so that you may pass on your knowhow and your experience.

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