Become a Team Leader

As a team leader, you will have the same sales activity like before as a consultant. In addition, you are responsible for a team to manage and to motivate.

You will recruit new consultants so that you will form and lead a team of 3 and more consultants. You will hold monthly meetings with your consultants and practically support and motivate your team.

Jenny Lane will reward the additional responsibility and time requirement of about 10 hours per week accordingly. Your income will increase between 1.000 € and 2.500 € per month and there are various incentive programs such us premiums and journeys.

Success Stories:

Christine Müller, team leader

I got my first Jenny Lane catalogue from my aunt in 2001. There was a note that Liselotte, a Jenny Lane consultant, will call me in the next 2 weeks. Browsing the catalogue, I was directly crazy about the beautiful designer jewellery. I didn’t wait for the phone call but called myself to fix a date for a home party.

I was red-hot for it, but my husband was hesitant. Our daughters, at that time 2 and 5 of age, should not be alone at night and so he had to agree. After a second jewellery presentation and an appointment with the regional manager, his concerns were removed. He gave me that good advice: “If you do it, do it right!” On November 8, 2001 I organized my first Jenny Lane party. I was so successful that I promptly became a team leader. I got my team by April 2002 and in terms of Jenny Lane, I organized, motivated and supported my team of consultants.

April 11, 2002: what a lucky day! I have never won anything before and that day, I was in luck two times. I got a voucher for a “dinner for 2” and a wonderful one-week journey to Tunisia with Jenny Lane. An unforgettable week, thank you Jenny Lane!