FAQ – Frequently

asked questions

Where and how can I buy the Jenny Lane jewellery?

Simply call one of our Jenny Lane consultants. If you don’t know a Jenny Lane consultant, don’t hesitate to send us a request.

Can I only buy the Jenny Lane jewellery from a consultant?

We want you to be advised detailed and personally when purchasing Jenny Lane jewelleries. Our special trained consultants only guarantee this exclusive care.
They take the necessary time to present our unique collection.

Why can I not buy the Jenny Lane collection online?

At first glance, online-Shopping seems to be quite easy. But neither the Internet nor a catalogue is a substitute for a personal and expert advice.

I would like to organize a Jenny Lane party. What shall I do?

Contact a consultant a fix a date. She will help with the organization of a presentation.

I changed my address and lost the contact to my consultant. What shall I do?

Don’t worry, contact us and we will find you a new consultant near to you.

Why the Jenny Lane jewellery is distinctly different from its competitors?

Our designer jewellery is of the highest quality. It will give you years of pleasure if you take of it. We offer a 12-month guarantee on production faults and a 14-day return policy.

Can I become a Jenny Lane consultant?

Of course! With your enthusiasm and your activity you are best equipped. The training is free of charge. You plan your time freely and the income depends on your activity.

How much can I earn?

You set your own targets and decide yourself how much you earn. The more time you invest, the more you earn. Some of our consultants consider their activity as a good side job with sufficient time for their family and their hobbies. And yet for others it is a full-time job. You remain free according to our principle: “The sky is the limit!”

How much is the investment to become a consultant?

Nothing but your enthusiasm for beautiful designer jewellery, your energy, your smile and your pleasure in dealing with people.

How can I clean the Jenny Lane jewellery?

You can easily clean it with a soft toothbrush and lukewarm water. Dry it with a soft and chlorine free cloth. For an optimal cleaning we recommend the special Jenny Lane cleaner.

How can I preserve the brilliance of the jewellery?

Avoid the contact with perfume, aggressive and acidic cleaning products, chemicals as well as salt water.

What guarantees does Jenny Lane give?

Jenny Lane offers a 12 months guarantee on production faults.

What is the Jenny Lane jewellery made of?

The designer jewellery is made of high-quality material, mostly of different metal compounds. The coating is made of palladium, rhodium (white) or gold. The gold plating is mainly made in Europe.

What are the basic materials?

The basic materials are brass or copper-tin alloys. The jewels produced from that material is extremely durable.

How long will the gold plating last?

The gold plating is particularly thick and thereby very long lasting. That’s the reason we can offer the 12-month guarantee. Of course, the prior condition is a careful handling of your jewel.

What is the white coating of?

Palladium or Rhodium, precious metals belonging to the family of the platinum metals and being anti-allergic.

How the bi-colour jewellery is produced?

The white parts are covered with a special lacquer before they are gold plated an the lacquer is removed after the gold plating. The procedure is highly time-consuming and needs a precise working method.

What are the ear studs of?

Titan and anti-allergic material are used for the ear studs.

What kinds of stone are used for the jewellery?

Exclusively synthetic stones.

What material are the multi-coloured stones of?

High-quality and polished glass gives the amazing similarity to real gemstones.

What material are the white stones of?

Some of the stones are diamond-cut lead crystals. By using very small ones, they are extremely brilliant. Each stone is handpicked according to the handling of real diamonds. Other stones are zirconia that cannot be distinguished from diamonds with the naked eye. Experts see the difference only using a microscope.

What kinds of pearls are used for the jewellery?

Jenny Lane often uses the Mallorca pearls. Its small glass ball inside is covered with different layers and polished after each refinement. By this procedure, the pearl is much more resistant than the natural pearl. Some of the Jenny Lane jewels are also embedded with freshwater pearls.

Naturally, it is not possible to answer all the questions here. Ask your questions personally and without commitment, or send us an e-mail to the following address: info@jennylane.com