Jenny Lane:
Designer jewellery Deluxe

Our collection

We use exclusively high-quality material for the manufacture of our jewellery. Our professional staff produces each individual jewel by hand working with the latest technologies. The perfect quality and the special designs make the exclusivity of our jewellery collection. Our designers always keep an eye on the newest trends. That’s the reason we are able to offer you two times a year a modern and up-to-date collection. Jenny Lane belongs among the rare jewellery companies that are actually designing on their own.
As our jewels are rarely produced in a quantity exceeding 1000 pieces, they are very exclusive.

Quality with warranty

We guarantee the quality of all our jewelleries and we can offer you a 24-months quality guarantee. We also offer a 14-day return policy if you unexpectedly are unhappy with your purchase. Our consultants guarantee for a personal and individual customer support.

The design

Our creative minds always come up with new ideas and record them on paper. Among hundreds of colourful drawings, we make the choice for our collection according to the customers’ demand and the newest trends. A detailed prototype is made before jewellery will go into production. Our development team has an excellent knowhow and is committed to continuously improvement of the quality and the optimal wearing comfort.
Other companies buy and sell jewellery, we design it !

Quality control
Before our designer jewellery leaves our company, it passes a strict and rigorous quality control made by our professionals. We want you to enjoy your jewellery for a long time; the satisfaction of our customers is our priority.