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Our sales system is based on the direct sales in the home of our costumers. The presentation of the jewellery takes place in the context of a home party with the collaboration of the customer. A jewellery consultant organizes the home party. This kind of direct and personal contact with the customer is the key to our success.
The direct sale at home is in high demand more than ever and extremely popular with our customers. The system enables the distribution of our products directly to the customers without – in contrast to the conventional sales – intermediaries in one market chain.
The presentation of designer jewellery in a familiar environment guarantees a personal and competent advice. The customer has the option to try the jewels, to touch them and to be convinced of its quality – of course without any obligation to buy. The customer is Queen during the home party. She benefits from a high-quality service and competent product information by our consultants, all this in a familiar and relaxed environment.

The Jenny Lane jewellery presentation
Our consultant organizes, together with her hostess, the presentation of the jewellery. Once a date for the home party is fixed, the hostess invites her friends and neighbours to discover the exclusive collection of the designer jewellery.
The guests are welcome to try and to examine the jewellery – without obligation to buy.
Such a home party is perfect to exchange experiences and ideas, especially concerning the endless possible combinations of our collection. Another advantage: shopping in a relax living room atmosphere means shopping without stress and making new contacts.